Occupy The Banks


We are a movement in solidarity with but not affiliated with Occupy Wall Street. I’m tired of the big banks way of thinking and plan to take action! I’m not talking about standing out front of your local branch with a protest sign, I’m talking about hitting them where it hurts by closing your account with the big banks in solidarity on October 31st 2011. We give them the power to mistreat us by funding their monopolies and feeding into the idea that there is no alternative to their corrupt practices. There are alternatives, Credit Unions and small local banks will be grateful for your business and treat you like a human being. I suggest we all open an account at a local bank or Credit Union as soon as possible and transfer most of our funds from the big bank into that account, leaving only $10 or so in your big bank account, then on October 31st 2011 we all close our big bank accounts in solidarity. Hopefully this will not effect our economy too bad because we are not all making a run on our money the same day but instead everybody will be making their transfers at different times over the next few weeks. I have heard many stories of the big banks not allowing people to close their accounts, which is why I suggest only having about $10 in your account on Oct 31st 2011 that way if they deny you the ability to close your account it’s no big loss, just try again another day. What will make the impact is the banks lobby’s all packed full and phone lines jammed with people closing accounts the same day. We should all do this in a non violent and respectful manner, please don’t forget most of the bank employees are 99%er’s like the rest of us and are not your enemy. It’s time we all stand up against corporate greed and million dollar bank executive bonuses. Please share this information with your friends and neighbors and join us on Occupy The Bank Day October 31st 2011.


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